Long holiday at House Of Origin


This year, we got a 10days holiday in May.

We were at “house of origin” most of the time.

Total 20 friends including kids during this vacation(^^)


Problem to be solved

It hadn’t rain for a long time recently in this area.

In this house, the spring water will dry up if it hasn’t have a good rain for around 2months.


Needless to say, we cannot live without water!!
*This is not normal if you live in a normal house, but here in house of origin it happens.


Anyways, for our friends, we set two more water tanks.


Current situation


After adding tanks

I used the bathtub that was already at the property and concrete tank that was already set.

Overflow water from the first tank goes to the second tank.

Overflow water from the second tank goes to the third tank.


Risk avoidance

Also, I decided to set another place for water in case the first place is not working.


There is another place for spring water behind the house so we cleaned the place.

It is difficult to see from the picture but does filtration


However, luckly, it rained a lot for the first few days of the holiday and the three of the water tank became full before our friends come.

Thank you mother earth!!


Collecting woods

The necessary things for living.

If I need to pick three points.

  1. water
  2. food
  3. place to avoid rain and wind


There is water, we have food (wild vegetables, purchased foods).



What is the fourth point?

For me, fire!!

Therefore, we collected woods together!


We cut firewoods that was stocked at the house.


And then, we collected bamboos from the mountain behind our house!

Old Japanese style!!



Searching for the foods in our property.

Bamboo shoots


We cooked collected foods together!!

This is the main kitchen


Wild vegetable tempura!





Also we did..

We cut the bamboo from the mountain..

Flowing noodle!!


We also did pounding rice cake!



Old Japanese style bath ‘Goemon bath”

Thanks to the good rain, we could take a bath everyday!!


50 years ago?? ww




Destroy a barn

70 years old barn. Almost broken..

It took around 2 hours to destroy this barn!





It was fun doing this with our friends. Of course there is a risk..



Handmade swing!!


Kendama from bamboo


Made cup and spatula from bamboo!!

A grab of stag beetle.

Playing at the river which is in the walking distance.

Swimming in the very cold river!


We had a lot of fun during the holiday thanks to our friends.

We enjoyed a lot!

Thank you so much!!


The life at house of origin is far from comfortable and very inconvenient compared to the life in the city.

Even boiling water is not easy.

I hope our friends had a chance to think about their lifestyle experiencing different lifestyle of their everyday life. (^^)


Thank you for reading.