Day66-74 Kinglake vol.2

Hi! I’m YH.

Additional report about WWOOFing at  Kinglake Homestead .


xKinglake Homestead

This large property, which surrounded by national park, is full of nature.

You cannot see neighbors.. too far away!!

Although this place is huge, the grasses are beautifully cut so I said to Steve that I image the maintenance of the grasses should be difficult.

His answer was different.

“Because the kangaroos eat them, the grasses are short. I would like to grow them taller for make the soil fertile.”

Other than kangaroos, it is common to see birds as laughing bird (a member of the kingfisher and they sound like laughing),


and also blue-tongued asking, looks like Tsuchinoko,


and koala! !

The koalas have a terrible voice.. They cry both day and night.

The first time I here the voice, I thought someone came by riding on Harley Davidson. Lol


Also, they move tree to tree everyday!

That means, he walks like the photo below everyday Lol

I would like to share some of the things we did during the stay.

Even if you say birds, they are usually wild birds.

If Steve was raising sunflower seeds, it was that he came to get in the hand.

MI liked it and fed each day everyday, as birds gathered just as MI got out of the house. Lol



【Bird feeding】

Bird feeding, bird, I mean wild bird.

Steve feed them everyday with as sunflower seeds and became close. They even sit on his hand.

MI liked that and she began to feed them everyday. She became very close to them finally.

Every morning she went outside, birds came close to her Lol


【Horse riding】

He owns five horses in his property.

He used to offer horse riding service, but he told us that he has not done much recently.

Feeding horses was also MI and KO’s daily tasks.

When the kids get used to horses, Steve proposed us “Do you want to ride horses?”

Our kids were of course delighted to hear that.

The picture below is how we did horse riding!

We looks like a warrior.  Quite cool!

KO was accompanied by Steve, but AK and MI were riding horses by themselves. Lol

By the way, as for YH, I was walking in front, leading those guys. Lol

Horses live in herd and there seems to be ranking among them.

Therefore, when the lower ranked horse walk in front of the stronger one, the stronger horse is not happy.
* It seems that the horse is in a bad mood when he turns his ear behind.

So, in the picture, the brown horse is the NO1 among the head.

And, the strongest of all was YH.

If I turn, the horses turns, and if I stops they stops.

Sometimes, when I stopped too long, the horse poked by the nose.

As I am coward, i felt like my heart was about to stop when he did it. Lol

Anyways it seems that everyone had a great time.

In the end, MI lead the horse like walking a dog.


By the way, do you know what happens to the horses when saddles were taken away after horse riding?

Soon after taking the saddle from them and release them to the paddock, the horse takes such action (see below)!

We did not know your back was such itchy.. sorry.



There is spring water in this land and also a pond to store it.

Platypuses are living there.

There, we did canoeing!

Although we told our kids not to move since it might capsize, they did not stop moving..

Steve let us have fun like this every day.

On his day off from work, he took us to beach, night zoo, and also delicious indian dinner (also around 1.5hours drive one way!!).

Night zoo!

I really appreciate all of the things he did for us.

I myself was a bit suspicious because he was too kind..but I am convinced that he is super nice person.

Since there was not much work to do, we tried to do our best to make the house and the garden looks better.


Thank you for reading! !