Day75-79 Atamai Village New Zealand vol.1

Hi. YH and AK writing.

We left Australia, where we stayed for two and a half months, and arrived at New Zealand!


Goodbye Australia, Hello New Zealand.

The day of departure from Australia, the host kindly dropped us close to the Airport.

He really took care of us and we really appreciated it.

Before going to the airport by bus, we picked up garbages, last time in Australia, with our gratitude.

When we arrived at the airport, our kids walked into the souvenir shop and they keep handed in stuffed Koala. We managed not to purchase.

We arrived in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, early in the morning. Since our sleep was quite short, especially our kids were not happy..

We transferred there and flied to our destination, Nelson.

We safely arrived but all of us were in bad mood due to the lack of sleeping. Lol

Soon after we arrived at Nelson, incidents happened!

Incidents happened as if to add insult to injury.

Not only one but three..


Incident.1 Rental car 

From Nelson Airport, we were planning to rent a car and head to “Atamai Village”.

We already booked rental car online.

In the confirmation e-mail, it said airport pickup.

Therefore, I went to the rental car booth in the airport.

However, we could not find the name of the company there.

We then searched the address mentioned in the email and seems 10minutes away on foot.

We decided to walk.

YH hold two backpacks in front and back, and had one suitcase.

AK carried backpack and KO.

Although MI was irritated by the lack of sleep, she walked by herself.

It was only 10 minutes walk, but was quite hard..

Moreover, the suitcase feels heavier than usual..

YH looked at the tire of it.

“Hey! One of the tires is broken!!”

Also he yelled. “Hey! Where is here !?”

The location pointed on google map was different rental car company.

Come on. . Lol

Anyways, we went in and asked about the company we were looking for.

She said, “turn right and walk straight about 10 minutes.”

At this point, our kids were totally in bad mood..

We walked again as we instructed and again, we couldn’t find it..

When asking people nearby, he said return the way you came and turn right.

We again, followed the instruction but could not find the name of the rental car company..

Ohhh nooooo. Come on! Lol

We were quite at a loss.. but there was a person who was washing a car so we asked again.

“Oh, that’s us!”

It was the rental car company we were booked!!

Neither the name nor the address were completely different from those described in the e-mail.

We point it out to the owner but his answer was “I have no idea about it.”

The person in the front desk was surprised that we walked from the airport. She said that they could pick us up..

Please be careful when reserving cheap rental car. Lol


Incident. 2 SIM card

Because of the rental car incident, I felt the strong need of cellphone.

We decided to purchase a SIM card as soon as we find one.

When I went to the Philippines, I was told that “This iphone is locked, so you can not use it unless you use this” and they showed me a thin golden card. This was for unlocking SIM and use with the SIM card.

When I went to Thailand, I couldn’t use the SIM cards of the two companies (the connection was unstable), finally OK with the third company.

In Australia, the connection was unstable but we could use one (once the power was off or changed to airplane mode, we couldn’t use it for a while somehow ..).

We went to a mobile shop (one of a major company in NZ called Spark). and talked to the staff.

Although I told about the problems occurred before, the staff said “no problem!”..

Therefore I decided to purchase the card.
* YH was a sales personnel before, but not good negotiator. Lol

As soon as I inserted the SIM, the error occurred.

It was the same situation as in the Philippines, despite a thin golden card with SIM.

The staff said, “There is a possibility that the vendor in Australia locked the iPhone. You had better contact them.”

We called the support center but they didn’t answer. Always the line was busy..

Finally we could contact them via chat support.

My name is Yuta, not Yuto

They said they will contact you again and we waited for 3 days but they didn’t..

I contacted them again but the answer was same.

They will contact us again once the problem solved.

We waited for another 3 days and no response.

The card was for 30days and already around a third of the time spent without using it..

I again did research by oneself, and the following facts turned out!


● The golden card that I purchased in the Philippines is  GPPLTE and can forcibly release SIM lock.

→ I thought that my iPhone was SIM free, but officially it seems that “It can be SIM free but now it is locked by au (cellphone company of Japan)”. I did not know that at all. Lol

● When you use SIM Geta, the phenomenon called no reception illness, it means the connection become unstable time to time.

→ Yes! It happened all the time. Lol

– Apple seems to have taken measures to prevent new SIM Geta from being used from 2017/10/5.
→ We arrived in New Zealand on 10/18. We could have used if we arrived earlier. .


Well, it turned out it was my own fault..

I should have searched it (the reason for the need of the golden card) before..

Anyways, we ended up not using our cellphone other than free wifi area..

By the way, the product which is released at 2017/11/22 seems to solve this problem.

Incident.3 Table

We stayed at B&B in Atamai Village.

The house was very interesting, so I will introduce it next time.

Anyway, the room we stayed was very comfortable and clean.

Although it is not shown in the photo, there was a refrigerator, a microwave, and a electric kettle that we can use for a simple meal.

This small round table at the corner of the room caused some trouble…

Since we didn’t want to go out for dinner, we ate pilaf that we can make with a microwave.

Of course using this table.

Soon after we start eating, we found something to worry about with the table.

When our kids weigh a little on the table while they stand up or sit down, the table was rattling.

The reason of its unstableness was three legged table.

The tripod is so unstable that it easily tilt when someone lean on it.

As you can imagine.


KO dropped the rice.


MI dropped the rice.


KO dropped the rice.


KO dropped the grass of water.

Nothing was broken because the dish was made of wood and the grass was strong.

But AK lost her temper.. Lol

MI and KO froze on the line of sight of AK. YH struggled not to laugh.

Anyway, I can not recommend a tripod table. LOL

Thank you very much for seeing a silly article!

The next article will be more informative.