Day34-41 Hawkesbury Australia vol.1

Hi,I’m YH.

We moved from Newcastle to Sydney by Greyhound bus.

It takes approximately 2.5 hours and arrived at PM11:30.

We were amazed to see such a big city after a long time spent in the countrysides.

Anyway, we went to the backpackers close to the bus stop and spent a night there.

The next morning, we took breakfast and did a bit of sightseeing (only around 30min!!)

and moved to the next WWOOF host place by train.

I didn’t force her to have these luggages. Just she herself wished to have them.. Lol


Our next WWOOF host was Eric Brocken.

He learned horticulture, and took a certificate of permaculture about 30 years ago.

He also has an experience teaching permaculture at TAFE as well!!


Currently, he is operating “Hawkesbury EarthCare Centre“.


This center’s aim is to increase awareness of the need for people everywhere on the planet to begin living sustainably NOW.

That’s why, he uses this center as a place where information about sustainable living practices and the opportunity to gain skills are available to all.

How wonderful!!!



According to that word, for example, walls of a building are made by the mixture of clay taken from near river, ash, and 10% concrete.

Methods of construction are Mud brick, Rammed Earth and so on.

This is Mud brick construction method.

This is Rammed earth. Surface is more smooth than Mud brick.

It may be hard to see, but these are photographs when they were making Rammed Earth Wall.

Besides, the wood that are used in the house are mostly recycled timber.

Using solar power for electricity, rainwater for water, and toilets are compost.


Below photos are the garden of the center .

There are worm farms as well.

I heard stories that earthworms raised at Worm Farm can not put in the garden.

Unlike earthworms raised in fields with few foods, earthworms grew up with the soil rich in food. Therefore, they were too luxurious to adapt the environment of the garden!!




He has a son named Aaron (196 cm nice guy!) who is also a farmer.

Currently, he runs “Harvest Farms“.

He grows Fruits (mainly apples) and various vegetables organically.


Vegetable delivery service by farmers with an annual agreement to the customers, which is comparatively general in Japan (TEIKEI, never heard this Japanese word to describe this system though..), is getting popular now in Australia (very big in USA).

This system is called CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), and Aaron does this service.

Other than doing CSA, he has various unique ideas. I hope his dream come true soon!!


His farm is surrounded by national park.

Fresh air and clean water. I think this is great environment for cultivation.

The mountains overlooking this cliff are superb! !


He lives in Tipi on the property of his farm!

Surprisingly, inside is spacious!

Before he became a farmer, he traveled around the world using his sailing boat for years!!

Very passionate and also very polite guy. I really respect him!


Eric and Aaron have a good parent-child relationship. They support each other and also a good rival.


One night, I asked Eric “Why did you allow Aaron to travel around the world by himself? Did you not worry about him?”.

Eric’s answer was like this.

“One of my favorite singer said, the role of parents is to open the door when the child knocked at your door. It means that all you have to do is to give a hand when your child really need you. I like his word. Of course I was worried about his safety, but he decided himself. Even if he dies, it is his life and his responsibility. He was mature enough to make his own decision. I also lived like this way. ”


I was impressed by his words! They are so cool!!!



Thank you very much for reading today as well! !