Day80-87 Southland travel in NZ vol.1


HI I’m Yuta.

We left Atamai Village and head to the next adventure.

This time is a bit long journey.



We rented a car and 8days of sightseeing started (blue line below)!

I haven’t realized that I drove as far as 2,524km before I wrote this blog..

I will introduce the good places and fun places during the trip.


School festival close to Atamai Village

After leaving the B&B, we went to the school festival, which was recommended by the host, close to Atamai.

He told us that it is one of the busiest festival in this region.

And it really was.

We didn’t expect such a lot of people (and cars!) in a small town.

Parking at the school

School building!

Many people!!(School ground)


Anyways, we parked our car and joined the festival!!

However.. another trouble..

We found out that we did not have much cast with us..

Both Australia and NZ, since credit card is widely spread, we are mostly ok with no cash.

However, the thing is different when it comes to festival..

Although our kids were so excited, we calmed them down and start looking around.

Then we found a ray of hope!

There was a CASH counter!!

We immediately went there and waited in line.

BUT we found a board writing, “NZ bank card ONLY”, which we don’t have..

We waited, just in case we can use our card, but of course their answer was no..


The moment we gave up and heading back, the guy in front of us said “You can have this”.

And it was cash! and 40$!

We were so surprised that we couldn’t get what happened.

It was quite a lot of money to give to perfect strangers..

We refused to have them but he said “this money is for your kids. It’s their festival! No worries. Enjoy!!

I was deeply impressed that I almost starting to cry.

Pay forward is the word that came to my head.

I made a vow that when I see someone who needs help next time, I will give my hand to him or her.

After that, our kids and us enjoyed the festival!

Other than that, there were many interesting things going on such as wood chopping competition, guessing game (the calf was in a fence and guess the place where to poo!)

In the square site, there is lines of a grid pattern (although you cannot see it in the picture).


Thanks to the guy who helped us, we had a LOTs of fun!


That’s it for this time!

Thank you for reading.